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Our Flavours

Raphia digs deeper than national clichés and looks to Moroccan regional markets and skilled artisans to bringing contemporary twists to treasured traditional products. In doing this, Raphia is able to curate unusual and pleasurable experiences from ingredients that have long been pillars of Moroccan culture.


Almonds are a central base ingredient to many Moroccan delicacies. With its gentle sweetness and nutty undertones, almond can be paired with fruits, chocolates, caramels, and creams, always creating a simple but timeless flavour combination.


Mint is central to Moroccan food culture. Its naturally strong and bitter taste is sweetened in all-important Maghrebi mint teas, but when used in chocolates, it acts as a lively and refreshing palette cleanser that is the perfect finish to any meal.


The unmistakable taste and aroma in cinnamon will forever be pleasurable. Warming and woody, cinnamon brings a comforting kick to chocolates and pastries alike.

“I felt transported back to Morocco with every bite.”

Imane Khalil