About us

Our company’s spirit is to share our “savoir-faire” by making handcrafted patisserie, local ingredients to guarantee authenticity, constant quest for creativity to ensure exclusive assortments, and customising each arrangements to endeavour the feel of luxury.

Upon entering Raphia’s world, one will be introduced to the Moroccan culture through a tasting of exclusive variety of our products. We achieve this honouring goal by concentrating on your expectations, providing fine selections, and remaining true to our delicacy.

Raphia takes pride in its Moroccan culture and unique heritage; exposing the country’s passion of sweets by extending its production and delivery of high-end traditional patisserie to a variation of wider audience. Raphia is honoured to introduce this exclusive patisserie in London. We specialise in the ultimate Moroccan sweets, offering you the finest tailor-made arrangements to your desired taste. With Raphia, we are committed in providing these delectable, exotic treats through devotion, dedication and enthusiasm.

Attention to detail can be savoured in every handcrafted piece we create. Our artisans deliver haute-couture products made with innovation, elegance and precision. Each bite of our sumptuous products is a journey to discover new flavours in style.