Time for Tea
Time for Tea

Time for Tea

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Presence of almonds and sesame. 

  • L25 - W12 - H5 cm | 500 g
Please note: If you would like to select your products for this box please contact us by telephone - otherwise we will make sure to make a lovely selection of sweets. 


    On a sweet note this delicious selection of stuffed dates marry the flavours of almond with orange blossom and make a wonderful pairing to enjoy with a glass of mint tea. These 5 unique flavours were made to be savoured

    • Almond paste along with a touch of orange blossom water.
    • Sweet and sticky cinnamon-spiced date paste.
    • Fennel caramelised almonds.
    • Sesame and 5 spices caramelised pecans.
    • Orangette: caramelised orange dipped in chocolate.